Exploring Ibiza, Spain!

Happy Monday everyone!!  It is a beautiful new week, and I haven’t been able to stop reminiscing about Ibiza, Spain!  Ibiza is truly breathtaking and so full of life, and I fell in love from the moment we stepped off of the ferry!  Out of all of the places we visited on our trip, Spain was by far my favorite and I cannot wait to return someday!  

Ferry ride to the island, hello Ibiza!

Our view from the balcony!  We were positioned right above the hotspot for nightlife, so we were having so much fun people watching and living the authentic Ibiza experience (I recommend ordering mojitos, yum)!

Visiting S’Escalinata was at the top of my list, because I love the authentic “hippie” vibes!  The restaurant is filled with love, as well as delicious tapas and cocktails, and there are no shortage of happy quotes sprinkled around the exterior!  “Eat, Drink, & Love”

One of the main attractions in Ibiza is the huge castle positioned right in the middle of the city, so naturally we had to climb up to see the views!

One of my favorite things about Ibiza was the character found on every street!  Every building was painted a muted pastel or white, and each street was lined with floral and greenery!

Beach day!  We visited one of the popular beaches on our side of the island, and spent the day sunbathing!  The best part was the fact that we could see the mountains from the sea, and the water was as clear as glass!

Even though we couldn’t find Mike Posner, Ibiza was the perfect getaway filled with good vibes and endless love!  I couldn’t ask for a more perfect finish to the best vacation!

Love & Good Vibes


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