Become A Morning Person

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Hi everyone, I hope you had a great week and that you’re ready for the weekend!  I’ve been so stressed out with my finals, but today I have a break to relax and to do some writing.  Also, I’m excited to write on this specific topic because I’ve really been thinking about it for a while!  I do classify myself as a “morning person”, however my mornings tend to start around 8-9 am when I get to sleep in.  While this may seem early for some people, it’s actually a lot later than I would like to wake up.  There’s honestly nothing I love more than waking up when the sun is just starting to rise, drinking a hot mug of tea, and just relaxing my mind, body, and spirit.  Getting myself to actually do that though is a completely different story!  So, I decided to make some tips and ideas to help anyone become a morning person!

  1. Get up!  While this may seem obvious, just do it!  If you set an alarm, try to wake up the very first time the alarm goes off instead of snoozing it 8 times.  Do this when you are sleeping in as well.  When your body first wakes up is when you should get up!
  2. Look at the world around you!  Open up the blinds, or maybe sit on your front porch and watch the world.  Watch the sunrise, watch the wildlife, listen to the sounds of nature.  Getting some fresh air and admiring the beauty of our earth is a perfect way to get your day started!
  3. Indulge!  Whether it’s a morning coffee, a piece of chocolate, a hot bath, or watching your favorite show! It’s your quality time with yourself, and you deserve to have some time to make yourself happy.  Plus, I can’t think of anything better than starting my morning with a hot mug of tea, or a soy vanilla latte from Starbucks!
  4. Disconnect!  This is hard for most of us, myself included.  Rather than staring at a screen, stimulate your mind in different ways!  Read a book, write in a journal, talk a walk outside, go to the gym, or meditate!  A lot of us wake up in the morning and instantly check social media, but try to avoid doing that.  Give yourself some time in the morning to disconnect.
  5. Workout! Start the day with hot yoga at 6 am, or go to the gym and get your workout finished for the day!  It will increase your mood, and get positive endorphins flowing for the day!  Once you’re finished, treat yourself to a coffee or have a delicious breakfast!  If working out isn’t for you, then just relax!
  6. Be positive!  Read some positive or motivating quotes as soon as you wake up to help you embrace the day!  Sometimes bad days happen, and we don’t want to face the world the following morning, but stay positive.  Every day is a fresh start, and every sunrise is a new beginning.  Make today the day to start your goals or projects that you’ve been putting off!

These are some things that I enjoy doing in the morning, and that I wanted to share with the rest of you!  I still have plenty of mornings where I snooze the alarm as many times as possible, but hey I’m working on it!  I hope you all enjoyed, don’t forget to subscribe!  Let me know in the comments what you would like to see next!

xo, Tessa