What’s In My Backpack: My Everyday Essentials!

Check out some of my absolute must-haves and essentials that I carry in my backpack…

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Hello loves, happy Friday!!  I hope you all had a wonderful week!  Our second week of classes have officially ended, and since I don’t have Friday classes I was lucky enough to only have class on Wednesday and Thursday this week!

Being a junior this year, I have my set routine that I haven’t really strayed from since freshman year!  I always take the same route to and from class, I always workout in the same area, and I always get my salads from the exact same place!  However this definitely takes a little bit of time, and believe me my first year I did WAY more than I needed to in every aspect!  I carried every single one of my books to all of my classes, I didn’t carry my laptop, and I was constantly forgetting to bring my water bottle (to name a few)!  So throughout the years I found myself adding and taking out “essentials” that I thought I needed, and I’ve narrowed it down to my 100% definitely must-haves that I carry with me every single day!

Wallet/Keys  This is a given, especially if you’re driving on and off of campus!  Also, make sure your wallet has your credit card, ID and student ID in it BEFORE you leave!  I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to put my student ID back in my wallet, and then ended up needing it once I was on campus!

Planner(s)  As most of you know, I do use three planners!  Most often I’ll only take my Kate Spade planner with me to class, as that’s my academic planner!  However if I have a lot going on that day, I’ll probably bring all three!  Check out my three-part Find Your Perfect Planner series here!

Pens/Pencils/Highlighters/Whiteout  This is another given, but definitely make sure to bring both pens and pencils with you to class!  Some professors will ask you to do assignments in pen, and others pencil, and you definitely want to be prepared either way!  I also bring highlighters and whiteout with me!

A Book  I love bringing a magazine/book to read in between classes, especially when I have longer breaks!  I find reading keeps me more inspired rather than scrolling endlessly through social media!

Travel Mug/Water Bottle  Every single day I bring a hot mug of tea and cold water with me to class!  It’s so important to stay hydrated throughout the day, so definitely make sure to pack what you need!  Also my travel mug above was a part of Starbuck’s fall collection in 2014, and I’m still obsessed with it!

Hand Sanitizer/Lotion  I can’t stand when my hands feel dirty or dry, so both of these are must haves for me!  My favorite hand sanitizer is Bath and Body Works Sunlight & Apple Trees, and my favorite hand lotion is Victoria’s Secret Coconut Milk Hand Cream!

Headphones  I love putting headphones in and listening to music, especially if I ever take the bus to class!  They’re also nice to bring if you want to watch Netflix during your break!

Notepad/Sticky Notes  These definitely aren’t a necessity, but I absolutely love having a notepad and sticky notes in my bag!  They’re so handy if you need to quickly jot something down, or if you remember something during class that you want to make sure you won’t forget!

Laptop  If you have a laptop, I recommend always bringing it to class!  I love taking notes on my laptop, and they’re really convenient if you need to finish/turn in online assignments before class!  However some professors won’t allow you to take your laptop out during class, so make sure you know their teaching system!  I have a MacBook Pro, and I love it!

Notebooks/Folders  This is also a given, but definitely bring these materials!  Don’t be that person who’s constantly asking everyone around them for a piece of paper, especially because a lot of professors will have you do in-class assignments that you’ll turn in!

Chapstick/Gum  These are two things that I carry with me everywhere!  Not only are they in my backpack, but they’re also in my handbag and gym bag!  Being the huge tea and coffee drinker that I am, mint gum is an absolute must have!

Kleenex  I’ve always carried kleenex with me, and I think it’s definitely a necessity!  You never know what may happen, and kleenex will be your lifesaver in SO many situations!  Trust me!

Sunglasses  I love carrying a pair of sunglasses with me, especially during the spring and early fall!  They’re so nice to have if you’re walking or driving to class, plus they’re super cute!!

What are some of your essentials that you carry in your backpack?  Definitely let me know!!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love and good vibes!

xo, Tessa

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