September Café Chat: Inspiration, Passions & Discovery!

Our very first Café Chat collaboration post is here, and this month’s post is all about inspiration, passions, and discovering your true self!  I’m SO incredibly excited to share this post with all of you, and I cannot even wait for you to learn more about me and my incredible tribe of women; while maybe even discovering more about yourself…

At 7 am, Paige, Ally, Alyssa and I all met up at my favorite coffeehouse, The Sparrows Coffee, Tea & Newsstand!  We all ordered our favorite version of hot coffee, and set up in a cozy corner next to the window!

September was Paige’s month to pick the topic, questions, and location, and she chose to talk about patterns/art/textures!  She asked each of us to bring items and share pictures that inspire us, and all of us were able to learn so much more about ourselves as well as about each other!  I decided to share photography, because I am mostly inspired by elements of nature and minimalistic patterns!  Any time I’m around any of these elements, I feel completely at peace and I fall into a truly unique state of mind that is indescribable but truly lovely!

picmonkey-collage picmonkey-collage-copypicmonkey-collage3

Since white is my favorite color, I’m very much drawn to neutral cool tones, shades of white/cream, and soft blush tones!  I love clean, minimalistic design, and simplicity is key!  That’s why I love, for example, the specific texture and pattern of leaves, and I feel so inspired and happy when I’m surrounded by palm trees!  I absolutely love the sound of the wind rustling through leaves in general, and I truly just love the elements of the earth!  Crystals and geodes are another element that I am very inspired by, and I love the act of meditation and crystal healing!  Each crystal is unique in nature, and I love the different patterns and textures throughout each one!


It’s a well known fact that I love coffee/tea, fall, and winter!  There’s honestly nothing that makes me feel more at peace and inspired than when I’m sitting with a hot cup of tea and a good book, surrounded by either fall leaves or snow (or both)!  I feel the most overjoyed and content during the fall and winter months, I love the fashion, the baking, the candles, and truly just every single thing!  The beauty of our earth is outstanding, and I love immersing myself right into the middle of it!

picmonkey-collage8 picmonkey-collage7

Speaking of the winter, is there anything better than a fresh blanket of untouched snow?  There’s something beautiful and soul-opening about snow, especially when the world is so quiet that you can hear the soft sound of it falling!  One of my favorite feelings is when I’m skiing, and I’m on the chairlift heading to the very top of the mountain!  The view is a work of art, and the only thing you can hear is the sound of the skis carving through the mountain!  I cannot even explain the feeling I get while being surrounded by the mountains, but that is when I feel the most alive and one with nature!


Each member came up with one word to describe me, and they also came up with a short description based off of what I talked about with them!  The words they used to describe me were productive, inspiring, clean, put together, and thoughtful, and each word I truly believe describes me in a very personal way!  I was also titled the “earthy prep” which I think is definitely spot on!

Paige: We described Paige as boho-chic, and the words we used were authentic, creative, fighter, raw, and free-spirit!  Paige’s favorite colors are pale pink, army green, and olive green, and each of these elements combined are represented through her art and bohemian style!  Head over to Where the Wild Flowers Are to read her post!

Ally:  We described Ally as the silent killer (read her post to find out why), and the words we used were classy, driven, sweet, fierce, goal-oriented, and elegant!  Ally’s favorite colors are pastels, ivory, and gold, and each of these elements combined are represented through her bridal events and feminine style!  Head over to A Touch of Tulle to read her post!

Alyssa:  We described Alyssa as the editorial girlboss, and the words we used to describe her are classic, chic, cool, and eclectic!  Alyssa’s favorite color is black, and each of these elements combined are represented through her street style and future incredible business plans!  Head over to Somewhere Between Vogue & Van Gogh to read her post!

I hope you all enjoyed learning a little more about what inspires me, definitely head over to Paige, Ally, and Alyssa’s posts because each one is incredibly unique and absolutely beautiful!  I cannot wait to share our Café Chat posts with all of you once a month, and I’m so blessed to be taking on this project with three of my closest, most inspirational friends!  I hope you all have a lovely Monday filled with lots of love and good vibes!

xo, Tessa

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