October Café Chat: Confidence & Autumn Traditions!

Homemade cider and doughnuts, and good conversation with my blogging tribe/best friends!  What could be better?  Check out October’s Café Chat all about confidence, our favorite autumn traditions, and our exchange of our favorite books…

October was my month to pick our meeting place and our topic of conversation, and I was so excited to share my ideas!  I chose a local apple orchard, Robinettes, to be our meeting spot, and we snacked on homemade apple cider and doughnuts while we chatted.  We all wore our most “fall inspired” outfits, and spent the day feeling inspired around the beautiful fall scenery!

After giving it a lot of thought, I decided I wanted this month’s topic of discussion to be confidence.  Confidence is something I personally struggled with, and I recently overcame my struggle so I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect topic to share.  You all know how much I preach self love and happiness, and I couldn’t wait to discover more about myself and about my friends!  So the first question I asked was:

 “What makes you feel confident?”

I feel the most confident when I make progress and reach my goals!  I feel confident in myself when I’m in a good state of mind, and when my surrounding environment is filled with positivity and happiness.  I feel confident after a good workout, and I also do when I’m wearing my favorite outfit (cozy or cute)!  I find my confidence stems a lot from my surroundings, and from my internal feelings.  Being someone who struggles with anxiety, I find happiness and comfort in my environment and in others; which in turn is where my overall confidence and self-love comes from!

“What advice would you give others to help them find confidence?”

Remove negative influences from your life.  Whether it’s people, your environment, anything really, and surround yourself with positivity ONLY.  This is such a huge factor in my life, and I made it my goal last year to remove all negativity from my life.  Ever sense doing so, I’ve been so much happier and I’ve never loved myself and my life more!  It’s also so important to allow yourself to love yourself, and to take care of yourself.  I think we all struggle with comparison, but try to find inspiration from others instead of comparing yourself to the.  Allow yourself to be selfish, you deserve to love every ounce of yourself and your life!

“What is your favorite fall tradition?”

I absolutely love spending time with family, and all of our traditions that have been passed down through generations!  Spending time with friends, family and loved ones is such a blessing that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I also love wandering and exploring new places, and breathing in the crisp air while being surrounded by nature’s beauty.  I (of course) simply adore fall fashion as well, and being cozy by the fire with a hot cup of tea!

After our discussion, we each exchanged our favorite book with one another!  I chose the book Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson, because I absolutely love the message about positivity and self-love that she shares.  I gave my book to Alyssa, so make sure you check out her post over on Pretty, Young & Motivated!  I also was given a book from Paige, and she chose to lend me Naked Human by Christopher Poindexter.  Paige marked numerous pages with her thoughts and inspiration, so I cannot wait to start reading!  Check out her post over on Where the Wildflowers Are!  Ally also shared a book of hers, who she gave to Paige, so check out all of the details over on A Touch of Tulle

I hope you all enjoyed October’s Café Chat, I cannot even wait to share our next post with all of you!  What topics would you like us to discuss?  Definitely let me know!  I hope you all have a lovely Thursday filled with lots of love and good vibes!

xo, Tessa

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  1. October 15, 2016 / 3:52 pm

    Your posts and pictures are so cute!! You’re a great writer! It’d be much appreciated if you would check out my new blog!

    • Tessa
      October 16, 2016 / 9:43 pm

      Hi Meg! Thank you so much for your kind words! I read your Stay In Your Lane.. (Or Don’t.) post, and I loved your writing style and I loved learning so much about you! Can’t wait to keep reading! <3 xo