BTS DIY: Floating Headboard


This was my mom and dad, my boyfriend, and my project last week!  This floating headboard is unattached to the bed, and it adds such a chic touch to any room!  Check out the details below!


The headboard we are making is for my bed in my apartment, which is a Full size.  The length of the bed measured to be 54 inches, so we bought our top and bottom pieces 60 inches long and cut them to size.  After screwing the outer pieces of the frame together, we attached a piece of plywood right in the middle.  It was perfect because it is lightweight!


We screwed the plywood to the front of the headboard.



After building the frame, we attached the batting.  We bought the batting 60 inches long, and trimmed it to size.  Using a staple gun, staple each corner of the batting to the top of the frame.  Make sure you have enough to staple on the sides of the frame as well!  Cut off any excess!


After attaching the batting, lay your fabric over the batting and staple it to your frame.  We bought the fabric length in 60 inches, and trimmed it to size.  Make sure to pull it tight to the frame, so there isn’t excess hanging loosely.  Also make sure to staple all of the fabric down around the edges for a clean finish!


You’re finished!

This is a headboard that is completely customizable to you, and your liking!  It is a much cheaper, cuter alternative to buying one, and you can completely design it!  This is my very first apartment, and I have a room tour coming very soon with a lot of decor ideas!  Let me know in the comments if you try this out, it was pretty fun to make and it turned out perfectly!

xo, Tessa