Workout Essentials/Fitness Routine

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One of my absolute favorite workouts to do is the Blogilates series!  It is a very intense workout for entire body toning, and you can do it in the comfort of your home!  I follow her monthly calendars which you can find here, and she posts corresponding videos on YouTube every single day!  I have been doing this series for a few months, and I have noticed a lot more definition throughout my body!

Another amazing workout series to follow is The Bikini Series by Tone It Up!  This workout is also extremely intense for your entire body, and you can do these workouts at home and in a gym!  You can find The Bikini Series here, as well as other workouts by Tone It Up!

Yoga is another workout that I really enjoy!  Not only does it increase flexibility and strength, but it helps you become at peace and relax!  I am going to be trying hot yoga this summer with my best friend at a local studio, and I cannot wait!  I enjoy a variety of different physical activities and exercises, and I do different types of exercises during cheer practice as well!

What is a workout without a playlist to get you energized and pumped up!?  My favorite workout playlist is Pre-Game Rap/Hip Hop by Andrew Brickweg on Spotify!  What are some of your workout essentials and favorite workouts?  Please let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new workouts to try!

xo, Tessa