Summer Outfits & Styling Tips!


Outfit 1


There’s nothing I love more than wearing a pretty dress to any occasion!  I absolutely adore this cobalt blue lace dress, and the nude detailing underneath is such a perfect addition!  I paired this dress with my Kate Spade Tote, my J Crew necklace, and swapped out my nude heels for my favorite gold Tory Burch sandals!  I think this outfit is especially perfect for a brunch/lunch date with friends, date night, or for a day in the city!

Outfit 2

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.59.31 PM

Alyssa (Somewhere Between Vogue & Van Gogh) wore the most adorable outfit, pairing a classic gray tank with some olive green shorts!  She also added a pop of red/brown with her scrappy sandals, and tied the color in with her tote!  I absolutely loved her simple layered gold necklaces, they definitely tied the entire look together!

Tips & Inspiration!


Summer fashion is all about fringe, pom pom details, pops of color, distressed denim, mule sandals, and the classic light blue cotton top and off-the-shoulder top!  I believe any of these pieces will add so much to your look, and are perfect for this summer’s trends!  Also, when it comes to styling, stick to basic pieces!  A classic pair of light wash or white skinny jeans, basic tees and tanks, and strappy sandals are always a go-to classic summer style!  Basic pieces are also really easy to pair with anything, so adding a cute pair of pom pom sandals or a colorful tote will really elevate your outfit without you spending extra money!

I hope you all enjoyed my summer styling post featuring my best friend Alyssa, and make sure you follow her blog Somewhere Between Vogue & Van Gogh!  She is leaving for France tomorrow, so definitely check out her posts and keep up on her adventures (and incredible style)!  I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday, and I hope the rest of your week is filled with lots of love and good vibes!

xo, Tessa

Today’s Inspiration


*All images without a “” watermark were found through Pinterest or Google for this post. I am in no way taking ownership for the photos, just sharing them. I am unaware of the original owner of these photos, thus my credit to the source where I found them.

Boyfriend Jeans & Favorite Tee

IMG_5240IMG_5252IMG_5250 IMG_5247 IMG_5248 IMG_5251IMG_5241

Waco Tee//Similar Boyfriend Jeans here & here//White Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday!  Can you believe we’re already halfway through June!?  I’m honestly pretty excited, because I cannot even wait for August (and fall/winter of course)!  I have a ton of fun trips planned, and I’m so excited to be back on campus with all of my friends!

Today was a shopping day, so I decided to keep my outfit casual and comfortable but still super cute!  This outfit incorporates three of my all time favorite pieces: my Waco tee, my boyfriend jeans, and my white Birkenstocks!  I think all of these pieces paired together creates the perfect look, and the addition of my tote bag adds a feminine touch!  When I’m walking around the grocery store or farmer’s market, I definitely like to be as comfortable as I can!  Also, if you’re going grocery shopping, invest in some reusable totes!  If you’re environmentally friendly (or a college student), definitely pick out some cute ones!  Here are some of my favorites!


Kate Spade Newsprint Tote//Will Classic Carry All Small//Wedding Chicks Going to Market Tote

(Definitely check out Wedding Chicks for the cutest reusable tote bags EVER)

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I started including some of my favorite related items in each post just for a fun touch!  I really enjoy sharing these items with you, so I hope you enjoy seeing them!  I also wanted to take a moment to tell all of you that I’m sending prayers and love your way.  Our beautiful world is filled with a lot of anger and hate right now, and I feel we should all work together to spread more love.  Truly scary and horrible things happen sometimes, but I promise it will be okay and you will get through it.  You can overcome anything because you are strong, you are brave, and you are an incredible person.  Things will get better, and this too shall pass.  I promise!  With that said, I hope you have a wonderful day/rest of the week, and I will talk to you very soon!

xo, Tessa

Today’s Inspiration


Find Your Perfect Planner (pt.1): Erin Condren

IMG_5618IMG_5683 IMG_5684 IMG_5685IMG_5686 IMG_5687 IMG_5688IMG_5689 IMG_5690 IMG_5691IMG_5692 IMG_5693 IMG_5694 IMG_5695IMG_5696 IMG_5697 IMG_5699Check out Erin Condren for your very own LifePlanner using my referral link!!

Hi everyone, happy Friday!!  I decided to start a new three-part mini series called Find Your Perfect Planner, and I’m so excited!!  As a planner/organization addict, I have found the three best planners that work for me that I also believe will work for you!  I decided to start with my absolute favorite planner, the Erin Condren LifePlanner!  I am also going to be talking about the Kate Spade planner, as well as the Lilly Pulitzer planner so stay in touch for that!  I use all three planners in my every day life, so I promise my review will be 100% honest about which planner is best for whatever your planning need may be!  So let’s start with the review about the LifePlanner!

I use my Erin Condren LifePlanner for literally everything except for blogging and academics!  I use it to track my workouts, water intake, and meals, I use it for every single sorority/greek life related event/meeting, I use it for any plan I have with girl friends, Doug, travel, coffee, lunch/macarons, shopping, shipments… etc.  I’m not joking when I say I use this planner for everything except for my academics and blogging (which I use the other planners for)!

I purchased the new 2017 Erin Condren LifePlanner, and I bought the 18 month neutral vertical layout version!  So my planner begins in July 2016, and ends in December 2017!  I enjoy neutral colors, so I was so thrilled when they brought out the neutral version this year!  The planner is made with vegan leather, and I bought the Platinum option for the permanent cover!  So unlike the other covers, you cannot remove this one.  That doesn’t bother me though, considering the fact that I never removed my “removable cover” anyway from my previous planner!  One thing I love about this planner is that each month comes with a different watercolor color scheme, with July’s color scheme being a gray/blue combo!  Each month also starts with a monthly calendar with a goals/to-do list section on the side, and ends with a notes page in the following month’s color scheme!  Each page per month also shows a weekly spread, running from Monday to Sunday with a to-do section on the side!

At the back of the planner, there are six “notes” pages, four “grid” pages, four “blank” pages with a watercolor detailing at the top, an overview/goal list for 2018, a final quote page, four pages of stickers (some with pre-written ideas and most others blank), and a pocket with the classic perpetual calendar!

I decided to be fairly vague with these descriptions, only because I believe the pictures show exactly what is needed!  Also, head over to Erin Condren‘s website to check out even more details and designs!!  There are SO many options, and I promise you’ll find one that you love!!  I hope you enjoyed seeing inside of my Erin Condren LifePlanner, and I definitely recommend this planner for everyday use!  I love that each of the weekly spread squares are blank, so it leaves endless possibilities for you!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and it’s filled with love and good vibes!

xo, Tessa

Today’s Inspiration


Floral & Fringe

IMG_5188IMG_5200 IMG_5196IMG_5195 IMG_5201 IMG_5198

Floral Top//J Crew Shorts//Fringe Sandals

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a great Wednesday and a wonderful week so far!

I’m so excited to share this outfit with you all, because I absolutely love this floral top!  The orange color is absolutely beautiful, and I feel like it will look gorgeous on all skin types!  The top is slightly cropped, so it’s perfect to pair with high waisted shorts or jeans!  I love the criss cross detailing through the deep v-cut, and the edition of bell sleeves is adorably feminine with a touch of the 70’s vibe!

I decided to keep it pretty neutral with my bottoms, so I wore my favorite J Crew shorts!  I literally own almost every color J Crew makes/has ever made in these shorts, because they’re the perfect fit for me!  I also paired the outfit with my new fringe sandals, because they tied the outfit together and were the perfect edition with the bell-sleeved top!  Of course my MK Tote made an appearance, and yes I am purchasing a new Louis Vuitton soon so I promise I’ll switch up my totes!  I love tote bags, especially for the summer, so I refuse to switch to my smaller bags right now!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday (and rest of the week), and it’s filled with good vibes and lots of love!

xo, Tessa

Today’s Inspiration


Spring/Summer Workout Routine, Fitness Goals & Tips


Check out my favorite ways to work out during the spring and summer, and my current fitness goals!

Hi everyone, let me start out by giving you all a monumental apology for not posting yesterday!  I was slightly behind on writing my posts, so I needed to write one Thursday but I was feeling a bit under the weather (ugh) so I didn’t end up writing one.  Nevertheless, I’m here today with a perfect post to kick off summer!

I absolutely love fitness and the entire concept of a healthy lifestyle, and I thoroughly enjoy working out!  I actually talked a lot about my approach into fitness/healthy living in my first Fitness Friday post, which you can reference here!  I’m someone who is constantly changing my fitness routines, because I like to discover new ways to work out!  I also don’t want my body to become stagnant and used to the same constant workout, and if you’re feeling that way definitely try switching things and try something new!  I recommend setting up a daily workout schedule so you’re constantly targeting and working different muscle groups!  You can create and keep your schedule on your phone, in a journal, on a scrap piece of paper, in an agenda/planner, or any other way you can think of!  I personally like to keep track of my workout schedule, meals, calories, and water intake in my Erin Condren Life Planner because I find it motivates me each and every day!  (Check out my weekly schedule below)

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 1.23.04 AM

Now that you have a schedule made, it’s time to set up some goals you would like to work towards or achieve!  These goals were my 2016 Fitness Goals that I talked about in my first workout routine post, and all I did was modify them slightly to fit my desires for the spring and summer specifically!  When it comes to my goals, I’m the type of person who hits them basically 100% of the time!  That may sound insane to some, but once I set my mind to something I really enjoy accomplishing it!  I think this is incredibly important when it comes to working out, because a lot of people will work hard for about a week or two and then decide to stop!  Write down some goals, hold yourself accountable for each month/week/day, and treat yourself for a job well done!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.23.12 AM

So now that we covered the main steps into developing a fitness routine, let’s get into my favorite spring/summer workouts!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.51.35 AM

Tone It Up

I am currently finishing my very first week of the 2016 TIU Bikini Series, and I’m loving it!  I actually set up my daily workout schedule in correspondence to the Bikini Series schedule, that way I’m constantly doing the same workouts that are recommended for that day!  The Bikini Series is an 8 week program set up by Karena and Katrina, who are literally the best!!  They’re so cute and motivating, and I always have a lot of fun doing their workouts!  I also really love the Blogilates workouts, because Cassey is my favorite trainer and the workouts are killer (in a good way)!


As I mentioned I’m currently doing an 8 week workout program through Tone It Up, and I also schedule other workout programs and classes in correspondence to whatever that day’s body focus is!  Example: Thursday for me is yoga and cardio day, so on Thursdays I attend a class at my favorite yoga hothouse (Funky Buddha)!  I like to do this bright and early at 6 am to kickstart my day and detoxify/stretch my body!  You all know my obsession with hot yoga, so I’ll stop now because I could talk about the benefits all day!  Below I listed my favorite ways to workout during the spring/summer (aside from the 8 week program)!

Hot Yoga

Spinning (Soul Cycle)

Pure Barre

Outdoor Activities/Cardio

Some examples are tennis, running, spinning, zumba, dancing, swimming, walking, hiking, golfing, biking, rollerblading, paddle boarding, volleyball, badminton, shopping (hey you’re carrying bags which is weight lifting and you’re walking which is cardio)!  There are so many more incredible ways to exercise and workout when you’re outdoors, just have fun and do what you love! 

I hope you all enjoyed another fitness post from me (that was intended to go up on Fitness Friday), and I hope you discovered a routine that is perfect for you!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I’ll talk to you soon!

xo, Tessa

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