15 Ways to Become Your Best Self

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone!  It’s been a while since we’ve last chatted, I hope you’re life has been nothing but beautiful and inspirational!  

Sometimes taking a step back and focusing on the little things in life is one of the best steps we can take in order to better ourselves, and to refresh our mind, body, and soul!  We’ve all been there, where we feel a little off balance and like something isn’t quite right.  Taking a break in order to receive clarity can be one of the best things for you, especially when it comes to being your best self.  I wanted to share 15 ways to truly become your best self, and each of these are things that I aspire to do every single day!  Every day is a beautiful, fresh start, and the perfect time to make your life, and yourself, the best it can possibly be!  

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Finding Your Balance

I’ll be the first to say, I’ve gotten off track.  

Remember the notorious funk I talked about a few posts back?  Well it decided to linger around a little longer than anticipated.  I gave up on working out, on making plans both for now and my future, on positivity, and allowed myself to be consumed in a toxic environment.  This isn’t me, but it is something that all of us face every once in a while.  

Life is a little off balance.

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07.07.17 – Weekly Recap & Exciting Updates!

Hello everyone, happy Friday!  I hope you had an absolutely beautiful week, and are feeling inspired and excited for the weekend!

It’s not often that I write a recap post, but I wanted to chat with you all a little bit today and share what’s been going on!  I started a new job as well as a summer class, and I finally felt like I was getting back into a routine when it hit me… the dreaded creative slump that we all encounter every once in a while.  You know the feeling!  After some sweaty workout sessions, a meditative slow flow, and a much needed digital detox, I finally found my way out and decided to create a new little addition to Simply Tess!

So here it is… I created a YouTube channel!!

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How to Enjoy Finals Week {& Still Get an A}!

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone!!

I am currently finishing the second to last day of my junior year, and I am so excited for summer vacation!!  This week was basically finals week for me, and even though I don’t have any written exams this semester I know the feeling all too well!  While the week is usually filled with high stress and caffeine levels, it’s important to take time to soothe your mind, body and soul!  I wanted to share six of my top tips on how to enjoy finals week, because for most of us it’s the dreaded week that we wish didn’t exist!  Also, be sure to check out my Final Exam Study Tips / Managing Stress post for a little extra inspiration!

Take A Break

Relax your mind for a while, and take a break from studying!  You deserve time to yourself without worry.  Studying is only successful if your mindset is, so take breaks to refresh your being!  For every 2-3 hours of studying, give yourself an hour break in between and do something that you enjoy! 

Go Outside

Is there truly anything better than fresh air and sunshine?!  Head outside and listen to the birds, smell the flowers, watch the clouds, and enjoy your surroundings!  There is no better way to destress than by emerging yourself in nature, and I guarantee your mood will be completely lifted!

Spend Time With Friends

Plan a coffee date, go for lunch, or even throw on your comfiest clothes and have a study session!  Spending time with friends will leave you smiling and laughing, which will boost your energy and lower stress and anxiety levels!  Even when you’re having a busy week, always make time to spend quality moments with the people you love!

Stock Up On Snacks/Drinks

(Vegan + gluten free rosewater & pistachio ice cream, I’m in HEAVEN!)

Throw all of the health/wellness advice out the door for this post, because finals week calls for your favorite snacks and drinks!  I promise the week will be much more enjoyable if you stock up on delicious treats, because who doesn’t love to have a snack (or a pizza!) after a long day of cramming?  You deserve it!


Finals week will most likely cause a lot of mixed emotions, so definitely take time to detox during the week!  Detoxing your mind, body and soul will remove any toxic energy, and will release all of those emotions as if a weight is being lifted.  My favorite ways to detox are to meditate, take a bath, take deep breaths, take a nap, light a candle, and go to hot yoga!

Treat Yourself

After a long day/week, treat yourself to something that makes you ecstatic!  Whether it’s retail therapy, your favorite meal (my go-t0 is sushi!), a road trip, or a day at the spa, do something that is going to make you as happy as you can possibly be!  You worked hard, and you deserve it!

Definitely make sure you head over to A Touch Of Tulle, and check out her post for her top tips on how to survive finals week!  Good luck, you can do it!!

Love & Good Vibes


Today’s Inspiration

6 Easy Tips for Traveling on a Budget

How cute is this “adventure awaits” long sleeve!?  Head over to United Tees to check out the cutest preppy clothing, and use my code tessa_15 for 15% off of your purchase!!

Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you’ve had a lovely week so far!!

With only two weeks of classes left, the travel bug has definitely hit (unfortunately not quite as hard as the procrastination bug) and my planners are already full of ideas for adventures this summer!  Being a college student, my endless desire to discover the world is a bit greater than the amount in my bank account, but I’ve definitely discovered some tips and tricks to traveling on a budget!

1. Book it Early

Whether this be a flight, a hotel, a cruise, or anything in between, book it as early as possible!  There are constant deals and savings going on for “early birds”, so make sure to look into prices on various travel sites to get the best possible deal!  Doug and I saved 40% of the total cost of our cruise package last month because we booked it early enough, which helped us with our other expenses!  As soon as the details are finalized, start hunting for those discounts!!

2. Create a Budget

Budgeting my money is something my parents encouraged me to do from an early age, and it’s been one of the most helpful things when it comes to managing money!  I like to add up all of my expenses for each month, subtract that from my monthly income, and then set aside a portion of the money that is left over!  I’ll admit, I am definitely not the best at saving my money (you all know how much I preach “treating yourself”), but it’s a goal of mine to get in the habit!  Since I’m saving for a trip, maybe getting takeout sushi, macarons, and endless lattes can wait (at least until next month)! 😉

3. Sell Unneeded Belongings

This has been a life saver when it comes to saving money for me!  As part of my spring cleaning ritual, I cleared out my closet of any unneeded clothing items, shoes, handbags, etc. and I decided to sell some of my unworn/gently worn items!  Not only was I able to pass along pieces of clothing to someone who loves it, but I also made a little bit of extra money in the process while decluttering!  *Tip; when it comes to clearing out belongings, ask yourself if the item brings you joy.  Also ask yourself, when is the last time I wore this item?  If it’s been longer than 3-6 months (with the exception of seasonal items), sell it or donate it to someone who will love it!

4. Pack a Carry-On

If you’re flying to a destination, make sure to pack a carry-on bag!   Pack all of your belongings for your trip into a carry-on, that way you won’t have to pay extra to check a bag and lug around a heavy, bulky suitcase!  One of my biggest tips for packing everything into a carry-on bag is to use packing cubes, which I discovered by reading Ally’s Packing Tips for Europe post on A Touch of Tulle!  If fitting everything in a carry-on doesn’t work you for (I’ve been there!) make sure to pack your essentials in a bag that you can have with you on the plane that way you’re prepared for any situation.  Also, look into flights and airlines that will check your first bag for free!

5. Choose a Hotel Alternative

Staying in a hotel can be pricey, so I definitely recommend looking into an Airbnb if one is offered at your destination!  Airbnb’s tend to be cheaper than hotel rooms (especially if you are traveling in a group), and they allow for an authentic experience in the local culture!  The best part is, a lot of Airbnb’s come with wifi since they are people’s homes, which you would most likely have to pay for in a hotel!  While I’m all for a digital detox, it’s still important to keep in touch while traveling!

6. Travel Off-Peak

The “peak” traveling times are during the Holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, Labor Day weekend, etc.), spring break (early March for college students, and early/mid April for grade school), and during the summer months.  Avoiding travel during the “peak” will not only save you quite a lot of money, but it will also reduce wait times, lines, and crowds when you arrive at your destination!  Check out this USA Today article for more information about the best (and cheapest!) time to travel throughout the year!

What are some of your recommendations for traveling on a budget, and where is your top destination that you’re traveling to?!  Also, how adorable is this “adventure awaits” long sleeve from United Tees?!  I was chosen to be a Brand Ambassador, and I was given an incredible discount code to share with all of you!! Use my code tessa_15 for 15% off of your purchase, and definitely check out the site because they have the cutest preppy clothing for both men and women!  Adventure truly does await for me this year, and I am so excited to share the moments with you!

Love & Good Vibes


Today’s Inspiration