November Favorites


November flew by in the blink of an eye, and I cannot believe it’s already December 5th!  Check out some of the fashion and lifestyle items that I’ve been loving, and definitely let me know what some of your favorites are…

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and have had a great Monday so far!  

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted a “monthly favorites”, and I have so much to share with you!  Make sure you let me know some of your favorites as well, and what some of your winter essentials are!



Shearling Slippers // Cozy Turtleneck Sweater // Black Boots // Fleece-Lined Leggings

 I think it’s safe to say I’ve been living in these four fashion pieces throughout the entire month of November, and into these first few days of December!  These slippers are so soft and cozy, and the fleece lined leggings have been perfect for the chilly weather!  

I’ve also been loving turtlenecks, and this oversized knit turtleneck has been my favorite!  Make sure you check out the black boots as well, because they’re really comfortable and are under $40!!

Bath & Body


The Olive Branch Shower Gel // Essie Go Go Geisha // Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

 Between classes, work, and my sorority, I haven’t had much time to pamper myself!  I have had enough time to give myself a manicure every once in a while, and this color has been on my nails through the entire month of November (and currently is right now)!

You all know how much I love Lush, so I had to mention two of my favorite body products!  Both of these products smell absolutely incredible, and I cannot wait to stop by Lush and pick up some holiday goodies!



Vanilla Balsam // Spiced Chestnut // All is Bright

This month has been the month of candles for me, and I’ve discovered new favorites that I’m completely obsessed with!  I’ve been burning all three of these candles non-stop, and there’s nothing I love more than a candle burning and a hot mug of tea!

This past Saturday, Bath and Body Works had all of the 3-wick candles on sale for $8.50, so of course I had to pick up a few of my favorites!  I picked up vanilla balsam, mahogany teakwood, leaves, mahogany coconut, fresh balsam, and white tea & ginger!  I’ve never tried mahogany coconut or white tea & ginger, but I can already tell I’m going to love them!!



Sloane Oolong Créme // Yogi Egyptian Licorice Mint // Sloane Heavenly Cream

 You all know how obsessed I am with tea, and there’s nothing I love more than discovering new teas!  I’ve had both of the Sloane teas numerous times at my favorite macaron shop, Le Bon, and both are incredible!  They’re both very silky and soft, and pair perfectly with tasty macarons!

My mom also picked out the licorice mint tea, and it is super refreshing and light!  I love any type of licorice or mint tea, so the combination is perfection!!



The 52 Lists Project // The Magnolia Journal // Belong Magazine

 As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t had much free time throughout the past month!  I have, however, been working on my 52 lists project book!  Each week it prompts you to write down an inspiring list based on how you’re currently feeling, and it’s the perfect way to unwind!  I love looking back on previous lists I’ve made, and I cannot wait until I finish the book next fall!

I’ve also been loving the Magnolia Journal, because Joanna Gaines is my biggest inspiration!  The journal is incredible and the perfect mix of home and lifestyle, and I cannot wait to read the upcoming issues!  I also love Belong magazine, which is actually a magazine that I recently discovered.  It’s all about the blogging community, and I absolutely love reading the motivational stories and tips from other bloggers!  The photography is absolutely beautiful as well, and the message behind each magazine is truly inspiring!



All I have to say about the Gilmore Girls four-part event is that the producers had better make another season!  The finale left me in tears, both of joy and sadness/shock, and I highly encourage you to start Gilmore Girls this winter if you haven’t seen it!  It’s incredible.

I also caught up with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and I am completely obsessed!  This season was such a good one, and it is SO addicting to watch.  I cannot even wait until season 13 airs in 2017, because each season just gets better and better!

Another show that I’ve been loving is the Holiday Baking Championship, because it is truly the most perfect show for this time of year!  My best friend/roommate Ally (A Touch of Tulle) and I always watch the show together, and we always have the best time!

November flew by in the blink of an eye, and so far December has been off to an incredible start!  Yesterday we had the most beautiful snow-fall, and everywhere is decorated for the Holidays!  There’s nothing I love more than Christmas, so I’ve been loving every moment!!  Make sure you keep in touch because there will be an extra post (or two!) going up this week!

Love & Good Vibes


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