My Monday Morning Routine: Conquer the Monday Blues!


Hello Monday!!  Check out my personal morning routine and some inspiration to start the week…

Hello everyone, happy Monday!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and are ready to start the week!  You’ve all heard me say this so many times, but I absolutely love Mondays and they’re my favorite day of the week!  I always view Monday as a fresh start to the week, and a brand new beginning filled with a ton of opportunities to accomplish! I also treat myself a little extra on Mondays, which also makes me look forward to the day! …….

5:30 am: Rise and Shine!

Oh yes, you read correctly!  5:30 am on a Monday morning!  So after waking up, I immediately make my bed and change into my workout gear!  Then I’ll grab some almonds, fill up a huge bottle of ice water, and head over to my favorite hot yoga studio for a morning power flow!  I absolutely love starting the morning with a workout or hot yoga session, because it helps get my energy and positive endorphins flowing!  I also enjoy meditating in the morning, so combining that into a hot yoga class is perfection!  Hot yoga is a great way to connect your mind, body and spirit, and help you feel more positive!  I personally believe you should always start your day with positive vibes and positive affirmations, and remind yourself of those things throughout the day!  Afterwards I’ll treat myself to a green juice/smoothie or acai bowl, a wheatgrass shot, and sit outside for a while and embrace the beautiful morning!  I really enjoy getting up early, especially during the school year, because I love the quiet calmness of the morning! (Check out my morning inspiration posts here and here)!


After I return to my apartment, I clean myself up, put on a face mask, and wrap up in some comfy pjs (keep in mind, it’s only about 8 am)!  This is when I take time to make myself a huge mug of tea, light a candle, read a book or magazine, plan out the day in either my Erin Condren, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer planner or Bullet Journal, and read my daily Mantra!  I like to take a decent amount of time in the morning to do these things, and during this time I like to stay off of technology!  I consider this my daily “detox”, where I disconnect and focus on myself and everything that I love!


The Mantra book I’m currently reading is Find Your Happy Daily Mantras: 365 Days of Motivation for a Happy, Peaceful and Fulfilling Life.  This book is amazing because there is a new mantra for each day, and each one is positive and uplifting!  This was my mantra for today, if you’re curious!


Once 9:30-10 am rolls around, I like to turn on either HGTV or the Food Network and make my second mug of tea!  This is the time I usually check social media, and begin working on my blog for the day!  Also depending on what I ate for breakfast earlier, I sometimes get hungry again so I’ll either make a soy yogurt parfait or a piece of gluten-free toast with coconut peanut butter and sliced bananas!  I like to start each morning with 1/2 a grapefruit as well!  I continue all of this until lunch time, then I eat a huge salad and head to class!  This is the time where I like to run to Starbucks and grab a soy vanilla latte, because it makes class so much better in my opinion!!


Don’t let the Monday Blues get you down, use Monday as your day to treat yourself to something a little extra, and to get things done!  Get yourself a coffee or go to breakfast, workout, wear your favorite outfit, grab lunch at your favorite restaurant, or whatever else you love!  Take time to do what you love (not just on Monday, but everyday as well), and I promise your Monday will be so enjoyable!  If you start the first day of your week off on the right foot, the rest of the days are guaranteed to fall right into place!  Try to conquer a few things that had been cluttering your to-do list, or finally start that project you’ve been procrastinating on!  Monday is a brand new, fresh start, so use that to your advantage!


I hope you all enjoyed taking a peak into my Monday morning routine, definitely stay in touch because I’m doing an updated college morning routine for each day of the week in August!  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday filled with love and good vibes, and definitely let me know how you conquer your Monday!

xo, Tessa

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