I’m On YouTube: Behind the Scenes of My Journey!

Happy Friday everyone!!  I hope you had an absolutely beautiful week, and are excited for the weekend!

A few posts back I shared that I was in the process of creating a YouTube channel, and I am so excited to officially share my very first video with all of you!!  I shared my adventures at Brand Training in Columbus, Ohio as a 2nd year Victoria’s Secret PINK Sponsored Stylist, and I had the best time learning about the brand and I made some amazing friends!  

I’ll be the first to say, every single YouTuber deserves major credit because it is HARD!  I definitely did not realize how advanced/complicated creating one video could be (and I’ve barely scratched the surface), so major praise to every single YouTuber out there!  I promise my slightly cringy video clips will (hopefully) get a little better, but for now I’m embracing the awkwardness and total cringe vibes!

I must say, I am absolutely thrilled to begin my journey into the YouTube world!  I am going to be sharing some trips and daily vlogs coming soon, and I am also going to be participating in Vlogtober as well as Vlogmas this year!  So you can expect a video from me every single day during the months of October and December, as well as some daily/weekly vlogs and some chatty, sit down videos!

Did I mention how excited I am?  Because I cannot stop smiling!!

I also wanted to give a major thank you to each and every one of you, because you are my greatest inspiration!  When I began this journey as The Petite Prep about 2 1/2 years ago, I never would have imagined being where I am today!  I’m still learning and evolving every single day, and creating this blog has really helped me find myself throughout my past college years.  So seriously, thank you for always being supportive of my blog (and me!), I cannot wait to see what the future holds! ❤️

Love & Good Vibes



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18 thoughts on “I’m On YouTube: Behind the Scenes of My Journey!

  1. Awh this is awesome! I’m so glad you started a youtube channel! It’s definitely hard keeping up with it, but slow and steady wins the race right? 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Shruthi, I really appreciate it!! I totally agree too!! I hope you have a beautiful Friday! ❤️
      xo, Tessa

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