How To Get Organized

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Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a great start to the week!  I wanted to share this post with you because I’m a big advocate for planning and organization!  It’s a huge part of my routine, and I wanted to share some tips and ideas that I use on a daily basis!

  • Use a Planner!  As you can tell, I use two separate planners!  I use my Lilly Pulitzer planner specifically for my academics, and I use my Erin Condren life planner for literally everything else!  That includes everything with my sorority, appointments, meals, dates, TV shows, workouts, To Do lists, and everything with my blog!  I love having everything planned and written out, and it really helps me visually see what I have going on that week!  While both the Lilly Pulitzer and Erin Condren are great options, there are also the most amazing planners at Target or HomeGoods!
  • Make Weekly Lists!  To do lists are my life, and I make one for every week!  I like to write down all of my assignments due for the week, as well as events and fun things I might be doing!  Making a to do list is really beneficial because you won’t miss anything that’s going on, or forget about an assignment or quiz!  I also like to use to do lists as a reminder to get groceries, clean the apartment, and pay my rent/dues!
  • Write It Down!  Write down any ideas, thoughts, or inspiration you have!  I use my Kate Spade notebook to write down anything and everything such as ideas for my blog, and things that I want to try!  I love looking through my notebook for inspiration, and sometimes I stumble upon ideas that I wrote down that I completely forgot about!
  • Meal Prep!  Every Sunday I plan out my meals for the week, and I definitely make an effort to stick to the plan as much as possible!  I also try to eat as clean and as healthy as I can, and it definitely helps being able to look back on recipes I’ve made from previous weeks!  I also track my water intake for each day, and write down days I want to do some meal prepping!
  • Create a Routine/Schedule!  I think we all form our own routines based on what we do per day, and personally there’s nothing I love more than having a set plan to follow!  I love making a routine based on the times of my classes, and I schedule sorority events, workouts, dates, and fun activities around them!  It makes it a lot easier for me to plan things knowing my schedule for the day, and it helps me make time for lazy days as well!

I absolutely love being organized, and these are a few of my tips that I personally use!  I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some inspiration or ideas!  Have a wonderful week, I’ll talk to you very soon!

xo, Tessa