FALLing in Love: My Essentials


Fall is quickly approaching, which I’m so excited about!  Fall is the greatest time of the year, and I absolutely love everything about it!  Living in Michigan, we have breathtaking views of the changing leaves, Cider Mills/Apple Orchards, and pumpkins as far as the eye can see!  A lot of great festivals always take place as well, including the Art Prize in Grand Rapids.  Maybe I’m slightly partial to fall since my birthday is October 1st, but I’m welcoming the season with open arms!


Miss Dior Perfume//ROUGE COCO SHINE 54 Boy Lipstick//Mac Syrup Lipstick//Benefit Rockateur Blush

When it comes to makeup, I usually put on some mascara and I’m good to go!  In the fall and winter, I do like to add a little blush as well as a darker lip color.  Both of these lipsticks are fairly sheer, but they give just enough color to be the perfect everyday lipstick.  Rockateur has been one of my favorite blushes for a while, and it is the perfect color for my fair skin!  I especially love wearing this in the fall, because it gives my cheeks a subtle hint of color.  I also love to switch my perfume to a deeper scent as opposed to the lighter scents I wear in the summer.  I am obsessed with this perfume, and I’ve been wearing it for years!  To me, it’s the perfect fall and winter scent and I definitely recommend it!




Glam Glow Daily Cleanser//First Aid Beauty Moisturizer

My skincare routine is constantly changing, but these are two products that I cannot live without!  I have combination skin, but it tends to be more oily.  This cleanser from Glam Glow unclogs my pores, and mattifies my skin!  While I do have oily skin, it is always important to moisturize every single day.  This moisturizer has changed my life.  It is so light on the skin, and it hydrates my skin without making it oily.


I love to burn candles throughout the entire year, but fall and winter scents are my favorite!  I am obsessed with the candle Leaves from Bath and Body Works, as well as many others!  I could ramble on and on about every single candle I love at BBW, but I’ll save you the time!  If you only buy one candle for fall, make sure it’s Leaves!  I promise you’ll love it!


Zara Check Shirt//Jane Divine Plaid Scarf

I love red plaid, and I think it is a staple wardrobe piece for fall!  I either like to wear a red plaid shirt with leggings/skinny jeans and a pair of boots, or a red plaid scarf with a white top, leggings/skinny jeans and boots.  I love pulling my hair up into a bun, and layering a cute jacket over either of these pieces!


There’s nothing better than putting on some comfy, warm pajamas when it’s chilly outside!  I love to make a hot cup of tea and cover up with a warm blanket!  I love these pants, and I found them last year at J Crew!  I paired the bottoms with a warm sweater from Aerie, and of course a pair of wool socks!

This is my first post in my new fall series, FALLing in Love!  I have so many great fall videos coming up, including outfits, DIY’s, recipes and more!  Make sure you check back often so you don’t miss out, and let me know if you would like to see any specific fall posts!

xo, Tessa