Cold Shoulders in New York


There’s nothing better than a shopping spree in New York!  Check out a few of my purchases and how I styled them together…

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(A little unfocused, but very happy nonetheless!  Also, can we mention the pinecones in the window?  I’m so incredibly excited for fall and winter it’s unreal, and for some reason those pinecones made me even more ecstatic!)



Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely Thursday!  

When I visited New York, I stopped by a few lovely boutiques in Elmwood Village to do a bit of window shopping/browsing!  One boutique in particular captured my attention right away, and I basically dropped everything I was doing and rushed in!  Anna Grace was the perfect mixture of classic New York style and chic modern trends, and I absolutely adored everything about the store!  So naturally, I couldn’t resist making a few purchases!

I fell in love with this cold-shoulder style dress the moment I saw it, and it’s even more special because it will always remind me of my very first trip to New York!  I paired the dress with my authentic Italian leather cross body that my best friend Ally (A Touch of Tulle) picked out for me as she was traveling in Italy, and I absolutely adore the dark leather against the white and blue in my dress!  Very classic, very preppy, very Tessa!  I also paired it with my favorite wool hat, my go to wedges, and my every day jewelry!

Another purchase I made at Anna Grace was this dainty gold triangle necklace, and honestly it’s my favorite purchase (aside from the classic I *heart* NY mug, of course)!  This necklace is perfect both on its own or for layering, and it adds a simple yet chic finish to the look!  Adore!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, get excited for next week because I’m back on my MWF posting schedule!  Yay!  Also, in case you missed Tuesday’s post, my Back to School series is back!  I love writing back to school/back to campus posts, so definitely stay in touch because I have a lot of incredible content coming up very soon!  I hope your day is filled with lots of love and good vibes!

xo, Tessa

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