Coffee Date no.7; Red Cups & Relaxation on Lake Michigan

Happy Friday everyone, I am SO excited that it’s the weekend!!  It’s going to be 70 degrees in the midwest today, and I am loving the endless spring weather!

This past week my dear friend Paige (Where the Wildflowers Are) and I visited my all time favorite coffeehouse, The Sparrows Coffee, Tea & Newsstand on a beautiful sunny day!  We spent the afternoon catching up and chatting over delicious lattes, while admiring all of the new books, magazines, and newspapers on display!  

Later that week, my family and I took a trip out to Lake Michigan to watch the sunset!  There is truly nothing more beautiful than a sunrise/sunset in the midwest, and it left me feeling refreshed, relaxed, and recharged for the week to come!  Sometimes a trip to watch the sunset and enjoy the fresh air is much needed!

I hope you all have the best weekend, and have a beautiful Friday!

Love & Good Vibes


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10 thoughts on “Coffee Date no.7; Red Cups & Relaxation on Lake Michigan

    1. They definitely were! Unfortunately today we’re back to chilly weather and rain, but it was nice while it lasted!! Happy Saturday! <3
      xo, Tessa

    1. I completely agree, it was amazing!! I’m definitely looking forward for endless 70 degree days!! Happy Monday! <3
      xo, Tessa

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