Stories & Spaces: The Month of Self-Love {February}

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a beautiful weekend and are ready for the week!  It’s supposed to be sunny and 60 degrees in the midwest, and I am so excited for a week filled with warmth and sunshine!  This month I chose the topic for our Stories and Spaces meeting, and I decided to talk about self-love!  Since February is the month of love, I couldn’t think of a more inspirational topic that my blogging tribe and I could share with all of you!

Why is self-love important?

To me, self-love is by far the most important aspect of life!  If you are not fully in love with life, you cannot expect to be able to reciprocate positivity, love, and good vibes.  Falling in love with yourself first is something that can take a lot of time, and removing negative influences such as people, habits, health choices, and thoughts can be the first step in doing so!  Falling in love with yourself will not only leave you feeling empowered, but your overall beauty will shine inside and out!  (I shared one of my favorite quotes that I always associate with self-love at the end of this post)!

How do you find self-love within yourself?

This goes hand-in-hand with removing those negative influences, but also making sure you have a positive mindset about yourself!  A lot of us tend to focus on “imperfect” qualities rather than the countless number of beautiful qualities we have, and each of us are our own biggest critic.  Embrace every single part of your body, and make it a goal to boost your confidence rather than breaking yourself down!  I also believe that comparison is the thief of joy, so allowing yourself to be inspired by others rather than envious/comparing yourself will leave you feeling determined and motivated!

*I challenge you to look at yourself in the mirror, and compliment yourself!  Compliment yourself so often that you can’t help but smile and feel an extra boost of confidence whenever you walk by a mirror!

How do you “treat yourself”?

I am a huge advocate for treating yourself, and designating time each day for “me time”!  I think spending quality time with yourself is incredibly important, and treating yourself to something special (big or small) on a daily basis is a must-have in my opinion!  Occasionally I will dedicate an entire day to a “me day” where I will treat myself to my favorite things!  It starts with two cups of tea in the morning, followed by a cup of coffee, a burning candle, a face mask/pamper session, sushi, macarons, a hot bath, and endless hours of reading/planning!  Taking time each day to treat yourself will leave you looking forward to something, especially if you’ve had a tough day, and it’ll instantly brighten your mood!

What do you love most about yourself?

This is the question I was most excited about asking, because I feel like it’s a question that isn’t asked enough!  I am truly in love with every aspect of my life, and I am so blessed and grateful for the life that I am living!  I absolutely love my outlook on life, my positive/optimistic attitude, my health/wellness, my ability to find joy and happiness in (almost) every single situation, and how organized I am (to name a few)!  I’ve been through a lot during the past 20 years, and I believe each situation has made me stronger, more positive, and has allowed me to make the necessary adjustments to love myself and my life even more!

*I challenge you to write down what you love the most about yourself, and remind yourself of those qualities every single day!  I like to write positive affirmations on a sticky note inside of my planner, and each week I write down a new one based on what inspires me!

Nothing makes me happier and more in love with life than my best friends, so definitely take a look at Paige, Alyssa, and Ally’s posts over on Where the Wildflowers Are, Pretty, Young and Motivated, and A Touch of Tulle!

Make February the month to fall in love with yourself, and to fall in love with the life you’re living!  

Love & Good Vibes


Today’s Inspiration

Stories & Spaces; 2017 Goals & Inspiration

“Welcome Blogger Babes” Paige is so creative and cute!!

Paige set up a beautiful table spread for all of us, including a sweet handwritten card!

I chose to bring my Adventures for the Soul book, my A Wilder Life book, my journal, my favorite crystals, my “T” mug, and my passport!

“Change and rediscover” some of my main goals for 2017!

Our vision board for January, with all of our main goals and quotes to represent 2017!

My three notes that I created: “change and rediscover”, “new opportunities…new beginnings…exploration.”, and “finding myself, becoming one with nature”

Paige’s sweet dog, Max!  Check out his adorable Instagram @thegreatgoldenmaximus

Paige’s perfect apartment, which matches her perfect, beautiful soul!

Hello everyone, happy Monday!! It’s a brand new week, and I’m so excited to announce that my Café Chat group and I decided to change the name of our monthly series!  Instead of Café Chat, we brainstormed a bunch of different ideas and created the name “Stories & Spaces”!  Since we all love focusing on inspirational/motivational topics, and since we are constantly discovering new places to explore, the name was incredibly fitting.  Our content and monthly set up will still be the exact same as before, just with a new name!! 

For January, Paige invited all of us into her beautiful home and set up her dining room table with art supplies, fresh sprigs of leaves, and the sweetest handwritten note!  Her sweet pup Max joined us for the conversation, and we all enjoyed some hot coffee/tea while discussing our goals and dreams.  Paige shared three different questions with us, all relating to reflection and growth for the upcoming year!

What is your number one goal for 2017?

My number one goal for 2017 is change.  This year is going to be a very big year for me, with a lot of very exciting events happening, and I cannot wait to see what each day brings!  Not only am I anticipating a lot of change in my lifestyle, but I am also making a personal goal to change my overall health and wellness.  As most of you know I am a huge advocate for crystal healing, meditation, and good vibes/daily self-care, and I really am looking to make that a much larger part of my life.  I believe in natural health through those techniques, as well as through exercise and healthy eating, and I am excited to start furthering my discovery into these techniques!  This relates to my second main goal of 2017, which is to truly become one with nature.  I will be able to share a lot more throughout the year when I practice both of these goals more, and I cannot wait!!

Sum up 2016.

2016 was genuinely a phenomenal year for me, because a lot of opportunities and incredible things happened throughout the entire year!  2016 was the year I was able to fall in love with myself, and fall in love with every aspect of my life, so I will always cherish that year as a whole!  I also did a lot more traveling/exploring, I ran my first half marathon, and I truly found myself (to name a few)!  While I had a lot more wonderful moments, and a few not so wonderful moments, 2016 I believe can easily be summed up into two words: growth and new beginnings!

What adventure(s) do you plan to take this year, and why?

The adventures will be endless for me this year, and I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited!  Not only are Doug and I taking multiple trips/adventures to beautiful places, but I am also on the adventure to live life to the absolute fullest.  This includes becoming one with nature, and embracing all of the beautiful change that is happening this year, as well as opening up my soul to these brand new experiences!  Doug and I are planning a huge two week trip in August where we are going to drive across the country, and stay in some of the most beautiful places we can find!  13 states in two weeks, and a 70 hour round trip, talk about a soul-opening experience!  I cannot wait to take on this huge adventure with my best friend, as well as all of the other events we’ve planned out!

This month’s meeting was one of my favorites, and I am so blessed with the best blogging tribe!!  Check out Paige, Ally, and Alyssa’s posts over on Where The Wildflowers Are, A Touch of Tulle, and Pretty, Young & Motivated!  Each of us has huge plans for 2017, and I cannot wait to take on the year with my best friends by my side!!

Love & Good Vibes


Today’s Inspiration

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