Find Your Perfect Planner 2017: Erin Condren Life Planner

Happy Monday everyone!!  I hope you had a beautiful weekend, and are feeling inspired and refreshed for the week to come!

I am so excited to share part two of my Find Your Perfect planner series, because you all know how obsessed I am with my Erin Condren Life Planner!  I always choose the vertical layout with the neutral color scheme for my Erin Condren, and this year I decided to get the rose gold coil to match my marble cover!  

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Find Your Perfect Planner 2017: Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Happy Friday everyone!!  I am SO excited, because my Find Your Perfect Planner series is back for 2017!!  This was one of my favorite series that I started last year, so I am thrilled to be sharing my favorite planners with you once again!  

I didn’t think I could love the Lilly Pulitzer agendas more, but I am obsessed with the new version!  I chose the large agenda in the Indigo Gypsea print, and this agenda runs from August, 2017 to December, 2018!  They took out a lot of features from last year, and like the overall design much better!  Plus, it doesn’t help that the inside print happens to match my S’well bottle! ūüėČ

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Find Your Perfect Planner (pt.3): Kate Spade


Loving the accented gold “2017” on the front! And the black and white is so chic and professional!


The pop of the mint and gold throughout is perfection!


A close up of the first row of laminated tabs, ending with December of 2016!


A close up of the second row of laminated tabs, starting with January of 2017 and ending with December of 2017!

IMG_5883 IMG_5884

Two “2017 Celebrations” pages!


One “2017 Holidays” page, and 15 “notes” pages!


“This is the month to… dine alfresco, museum hop on a hot day, cozy up to a late night bonfire on the beach, lose your to-do list” ¬†Every month features a fun list of things to do, and I absolutely adore that feature!

IMG_5890IMG_5891 IMG_5892

Buy your 2016-2017 Kate Spade planner here!

Hi everyone! ¬†Yay yay yay it’s finally Friday!! ¬†I am definitely ready for the weekend, I have some fun plans and relaxation ahead! ¬†Also, I cannot even believe this is my third and final post in my “Find Your Perfect Planner” series! ¬†I’ve had so much fun sharing these posts with all of you, and I hope you enjoyed taking a look inside of my three favorite planners! ¬†Make sure to check out¬†my review on the Erin Condren Life Planner and the Lilly Pulitzer Planner!

I wanted to save this planner for last, because of the three this one is definitely the most chic and professional! ¬†I am genuinely in love with Kate Spade, and the brand is by far one of my all time favorites! ¬†Everything they make is absolutely beautiful, and this year’s planner definitely fits that description! ¬†I purchased the Large Black Stripe 17 Month Agenda, so it runs from August 2016 to December 2017! ¬†One thing that is especially unique about this planner (for me at least) is the fact that the bound spiral is concealed by the cover! ¬†I wasn’t sure if I would like that since all of my other planners have always had the spiral exposed, but I actually prefer this style! ¬†It’s really easy to carry around in my handbag or backpack, because¬†the spiral doesn’t get caught on anything and it cuts down on the bulkiness!

The Kate Spade planner definitely has far less additions than both the Erin Condren and the Lilly Pulitzer, however I genuinely prefer that! ¬†I love how this planner comes with 15 “notes” pages, and the rest is simplified to a 2017 and 2018 yearly layout, two pages of 2017 Celebrations, and a 2017 Holiday page (which is such an incredible addition)! ¬†There are also two “notes” pages included at the end of each month! ¬†My favorite part of this planner is the “This Is The Month To…” section at the beginning of each month! ¬†I find that addition absolutely perfect, and I am going to make it a goal of mine to actually accomplish each of those tasks just for fun!

Now, let’s talk about the monthly layout! ¬†At the beginning of each month, there are two full mint pages with the month and year to the left, and the “This Is The Month To…” section to the right! ¬†On the next page, there is a full monthly calendar with a notes section on the side! ¬†It also includes the previous and next month’s full calendar in the bottom right corner for a quick glance at what’s to come! ¬†For the weekly spread, it runs from Monday to Sunday (my personal preference) with eight lines underneath! ¬†This year I chose to use this planner as my academic planner, because I feel like it is very clean and clear-cut¬†which is perfect for academic tasks! ¬†I’m also taking 17 credits each semester this year, so I’ll definitely need the extra lines and space! ¬†Last year I used the Lilly Pulitzer as my academic planner, but I decided against that because to me I felt like it was bit too much with all of the colors and patterns going on. ¬†Instead, I’m using my Lilly Pulitzer¬†as more of an inspirational/gratitude/workout/goals/overall happiness planner and I’m so excited!!

Upon endless comparison, I do have to say that the Kate Spade planner is my favorite planner of 2016-2017! ¬†I love how¬†simple and chic this planner is, but the addition of the “This Is The Month To…” section at the beginning of each month really won me over! ¬†I am so happy with all three of the planners I purchased this year, and I cannot wait for the semester to start so I can dive right in!

I hope you enjoyed this series, I absolutely loved sharing my thoughts and personal review with all of you! ¬†Let me know if you purchase(d) any of the three planners I mentioned, or if you¬†have a favorite¬†one that I didn’t talk about! ¬†I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and it’s filled with lots of love and good vibes!

xo, Tessa

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Find Your Perfect Planner (pt.2): Lilly Pulitzer


Swooning over the new gold detailing and foiling on the front!

IMG_5902 IMG_5903 IMG_5905 IMG_5906

Two full sticker pages!? ¬†I’m in love!! ¬†Also featured is a close up of the first row of tabs, ending with December of 2016!


A close up on the second row of tabs, starting with January of 2017! ¬†Loving January’s color scheme!!

IMG_5907IMG_5908 (1) IMG_5909 IMG_5910

Winnie loves this planner as much as I do!

IMG_5911IMG_5912 IMG_5913

Six pages of the classic Lilly artwork!

IMG_5914 IMG_5915

12 travel pages, all with the same artwork!


Four numbers and addresses pages, all with the same artwork!


Ten note pages, all with the same artwork!


Loving this color scheme!! ¬†I can’t wait until August!

IMG_5919 IMG_5920

All monthly layouts are the same, each page beginning with Monday and ending with Sunday! ¬†I personally prefer my planners this way, so it’s perfect for me!


Buy your Lilly Pulitzer 2016-2017 Planner here!

Hi everyone, it’s finally Friday!! ¬†Did anyone else feel like this week went by pretty quickly? ¬†I am definitely ready for the weekend, and for some relaxation!

Yesterday I was completely thrilled to find a package from Lilly Pulitzer at my doorstep, because my 2016-2017 Lilly Planner finally arrived! ¬†I knew I needed to write a post¬†about this planner asap, because I was dying to show it to all of you! ¬†This post is the second part of my three-part mini series “Find Your Perfect Planner”, check out the first part about my Erin Condren LifePlanner here! ¬†Upon opening the package, I was immediately in love with this year’s design! ¬†The addition of the gold detailing in the elastic strap and coiling is beautiful, and the gold foiling on the front is perfection! ¬†I purchased the Large size in the color Exotic Garden, and it is an 17 month planner so it runs from August of 2016 to December of 2017! ¬†Each planner I purchased this year is an 17 or 18 month planner, because that is my personal preference!

¬†Lilly is always known for coming out with fun and colorful designs, whether it be fashion, accessories, decor, or planners! ¬†This year’s planner definitely did not disappoint, because the pages are filled with beautiful artwork, the classic Resort 360 map and mini story, and of course the stickers! ¬†I personally enjoyed last years stickers more than this years, however I do really like how they designed phrase stickers this year like “looooong weekend” and “weekend getaway”! ¬†This year they also included six pages of artwork after the 2017 and 2018 yearly calendars, which displays six tropical, fun pictures designed by the artist(s)! ¬†This planner also features the classic “days to celebrate” page, 12 “travel” pages, four “numbers and addresses” pages, and ten “notes” pages per usual!

So let’s talk about the monthly layout! ¬†At the beginning of each month, there is a full section of artwork which corresponds with that month’s color scheme! ¬†There is also a full month calendar with a “to do” list on the side! ¬†The weekly spread runs from Monday to Sunday, and each day has eight lines for you to write whatever you need! ¬†Last year I used this planner as my academic planner, but I’m¬†actually going to switch things up and use it¬†for my sorority events/meetings, blogging, and perhaps a few other things! ¬†I’ll definitely keep you updated with what I decide! ¬†*Next week I’ll talk more about my academic planner, and go into detail why I think that one is best for academic purposes!

I am such a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer, and I definitely think they make incredible planners! ¬†I¬†personally love this planner because I am always very happy looking through it, and it makes me think about vacation and tropical places! ¬†I also love how each month starts with a monthly quote (as do both of the other planners I own), because it’s nice to think about throughout the month! ¬†I do prefer the vertical layout in my Erin Condren planner as opposed to the horizontal layout in this planner, however I do like the separate lines to write different tasks! ¬†All in all, this planner is amazing and I cannot wait to start using it!

I hope you enjoyed part two of my Find Your Perfect Planner series, I’ve had so much fun writing these posts! ¬†I believe planning and organization is a huge part of being successful and stress-free, so I am definitely a huge advocate! ¬†I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and you treat yo’self to something lovely!

xo, Tessa

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*image found on Pinterest, unsure of original owner.

Find Your Perfect Planner (pt.1): Erin Condren

IMG_5618IMG_5683 IMG_5684 IMG_5685IMG_5686 IMG_5687 IMG_5688IMG_5689 IMG_5690 IMG_5691IMG_5692 IMG_5693 IMG_5694 IMG_5695IMG_5696 IMG_5697 IMG_5699Check out Erin Condren for your very own LifePlanner using my referral link!!

Hi everyone, happy Friday!! ¬†I decided to start a new three-part mini series called Find Your Perfect Planner, and I’m so excited!! ¬†As a planner/organization addict, I have found the three best planners that work for me that I also believe will work for you! ¬†I decided to start with my absolute favorite planner, the Erin Condren LifePlanner! ¬†I am also going to be talking about the Kate Spade planner, as well as the Lilly Pulitzer planner so stay in touch for that! ¬†I use all three planners in my every day life, so I promise my review will be 100% honest about which planner is best for whatever your planning need may be! ¬†So let’s start with the review about the LifePlanner!

I use my Erin Condren LifePlanner for literally everything except for blogging and academics! ¬†I¬†use it to track my workouts, water intake, and meals, I use it for every single sorority/greek life related event/meeting, I use it for any plan I have with girl friends, Doug, travel, coffee, lunch/macarons, shopping, shipments… etc. ¬†I’m not joking when I say I use this planner for everything except for my academics and blogging (which I use the other planners for)!

I purchased the new 2017 Erin Condren LifePlanner, and I bought the 18 month neutral vertical layout version! ¬†So my planner begins in July 2016, and ends in December 2017! ¬†I enjoy neutral colors, so I was so thrilled when they brought out the¬†neutral version this year! ¬†The planner is made with vegan leather, and I bought the Platinum option for the permanent cover! ¬†So unlike the other covers, you cannot remove this one. ¬†That doesn’t bother me though, considering the fact that I never removed my “removable cover” anyway from my previous planner! ¬†One thing I love about this planner is that each month comes with a different watercolor color scheme, with July’s color scheme being a gray/blue combo! ¬†Each month also starts with a monthly calendar with a goals/to-do list section on the side, and ends with a notes page in the following month’s color scheme! ¬†Each page per month also shows a weekly spread, running from Monday to Sunday with a to-do section on the side!

At the back of the planner, there are six “notes” pages, four “grid” pages, four “blank” pages with a watercolor detailing at the top, an overview/goal list for 2018, a final quote page, four pages of stickers (some with pre-written ideas and most others blank), and a pocket with the classic perpetual calendar!

I decided to be fairly vague with these descriptions, only because I believe the pictures show exactly what is needed! ¬†Also, head over to Erin Condren‘s website to check out even more details and designs!! ¬†There are SO many options, and I promise you’ll find one that you love!! ¬†I hope you enjoyed seeing inside of my Erin Condren LifePlanner, and I definitely recommend this planner for everyday use! ¬†I love that each of the weekly spread squares are blank, so it leaves endless possibilities for you!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and it’s filled with love and good vibes!

xo, Tessa

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