DIY Starbucks Pink Drink! Vegan, Low Calorie, No Added Sugar!


From the moment I tried the Pink Drink from Starbucks, I was obsessed!  So naturally, I decided to recreate/DIY the drink!  Not to mention, my recipe is vegan, low calorie, and there is no added sugar!  It’s SO easy to make, and it’s a healthier option that is just as delicious as the Starbucks version (if not more)!!

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Homeware Haul & DIY’s

Hi everyone, happy Monday and happy February!  Can you believe one month of 2016 has gone by already!?  So far I’ve been a little too lenient with a few of my resolutions, and I’m going to use today as motivation to get back on track!  Today I wanted to share some fun homeware items with you all (a “haul” if you will), and also some DIYs that I made!  I made the DIY’s over Christmas break, and I’ve been so excited to share them with you!
image2 (1)

I am so in love with this journal and pencil pouch from Kate Spade, and my customized stationary from Tiny Prints!  My obsession with journals and stationary is becoming a problem!


I was clearly in need of some new candles!  All of these scents are perfect for the winter, and I’ve been burning them none stop!  Bath and Body Works candles and Yankee candles are my absolute favorite because they burn cleanly and they smell amazing!!


Book reviews will be coming soon, but so far I HIGHLY recommend both of these!  Especially if you’re looking for inspiration, and tips on living a happy and healthy life!

image3 (1)

Who doesn’t love cute mugs and adult coloring books?  Also this glass water bottle is absolutely gorgeous, it’s BPA and phthalate free, and it’s made with FDA approved materials!  I highly recommend switching to a glass water bottle if you haven’t already!



This was my project over winter break!  I painted all of these by hand, and I used uplifting quotes and pictures that make me happy!  I used cardstock paper and gold paint from Michaels, and I love the gold foil look!  I love making DIY’s, and I am obsessed with all of these!

image1 (1)

For my calendar, I painted a clipboard with white paint and I painted the metal clip with gold paint!  I used a free calendar printable from DelineateYourDwelling, and I think it’s so chic and simple!  I also painted the pink canvas, and I hand painted the letters using white and gold paint!  This is one of my favorite quotes, and I love the pink in addition to the gold and white in my room!

image5 (1)

I love using mason jars for decor, as well as for drinking glasses!  For this DIY, I took regular mason jars and I painted them rose gold, gold, and copper!  I’m obsessed with how cute these look, and they’re a really simple, adorable addition to any space you’re decorating!  Also Joanna Gaines is my idol (she always uses mason jars), and she inspires me in literally every possible way!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you find some inspiration!  I have some amazing posts coming up, so definitely stay in touch!

xo, Tessa

BTS DIY: Floating Headboard


This was my mom and dad, my boyfriend, and my project last week!  This floating headboard is unattached to the bed, and it adds such a chic touch to any room!  Check out the details below!


The headboard we are making is for my bed in my apartment, which is a Full size.  The length of the bed measured to be 54 inches, so we bought our top and bottom pieces 60 inches long and cut them to size.  After screwing the outer pieces of the frame together, we attached a piece of plywood right in the middle.  It was perfect because it is lightweight!


We screwed the plywood to the front of the headboard.



After building the frame, we attached the batting.  We bought the batting 60 inches long, and trimmed it to size.  Using a staple gun, staple each corner of the batting to the top of the frame.  Make sure you have enough to staple on the sides of the frame as well!  Cut off any excess!


After attaching the batting, lay your fabric over the batting and staple it to your frame.  We bought the fabric length in 60 inches, and trimmed it to size.  Make sure to pull it tight to the frame, so there isn’t excess hanging loosely.  Also make sure to staple all of the fabric down around the edges for a clean finish!


You’re finished!

This is a headboard that is completely customizable to you, and your liking!  It is a much cheaper, cuter alternative to buying one, and you can completely design it!  This is my very first apartment, and I have a room tour coming very soon with a lot of decor ideas!  Let me know in the comments if you try this out, it was pretty fun to make and it turned out perfectly!

xo, Tessa

DIY Monogram Pillow




It’s back to school season!  I moved into my new apartment, and I have been getting a lot of new decor and doing a lot of DIY’s!  I have been wanting a monogram pillow, and I thought it would be fun to make one completely to my liking.  This was really easy and fun to make, and it barely took any time!

I am going with a white, gold, and blush theme with my bedroom colors, and I cannot wait to show you how it turns out!  What posts would you like to see next?  Definitely let me know in the comments, and let me know if you recreated this pillow!

xo, Tessa

The Lilly State


This is by far my new favorite DIY!  Not only was it easy, but it is absolutely adorable and it was FREE!  I love the look of my state with the Lilly pattern, and I cannot wait to style it with my other decor once I move in to my new apartment! (An apartment decor post is coming soon!!)  It would be really fun to create your name, sorority letters, or outlines of other things that you love!  I am really excited to create more things like this, and I hope you stick around to see them!  Let me know in the comments if you recreated this, and what other DIY’s you would love to see!

xo, Tessa