Casual Athleisure

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French T-Shirt Dress//Adidas Superstar

Hi everyone, happy Monday!!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and are starting the week with coffee/dessert/champagne (no judgement, treat yo’self)!

I’ve been delving into the fashion trend “athleisure”, and so far I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve found!  I think mixing classic, feminine pieces with an athletic touch is brilliant, and I cannot wait to put together more outfit combinations!  For this look I kept it pretty simple and causal, pairing my Adidas Superstar shoes with a classic black t-shirt dress!  I also threw in my black and white Kate Spade tote to add a bit of a feminine touch!  I think pairing this look with a fun colored bag or adding a statement necklace would also be perfect, but I’m personally more of a neutral girl!

Here are a few examples of the classic athleisure look, and I’m definitely going to recreate these in my own way!


I hope you all enjoyed this fashion post from me, I’ve been loving sharing more outfit posts with all of you!  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, I’ll talk to you very soon!

xo, Tessa

Today’s Inspiration


*The five collage images were found through Pinterest for this post. I am in no way taking ownership for the photos in the collage, just sharing them. I am unaware of the original owner of these photos, thus my credit to the source where I found them.