Bodies of Art: Untamed Fashion Show 2016


What an absolutely incredible experience!!  I was able to sit front row at this amazing fashion show with my best friend Alyssa (Somewhere Between Vogue & Van Gogh), and I took some great pictures to share with you all…


This designer (Mackenzie Santamour) designed two separate collections for the show!  One is her sportswear collection, and the other was her collection inspired by peacocks and their beautiful feathers!  Check out her exclusive interview at Somewhere Between Vogue & Van Gogh!



This was my favorite piece in the entire collection!  The designer is Carmen Thomas, and she incorporated the classic spring trend; fringe!  She worked with bold, bright colors, and was inspired by silhouettes that make women feel confident and beautiful!  Check out her exclusive interview at Somewhere Between Vogue & Van Gogh!


Hi everyone, happy Wednesday!  This post is in collaboration with my best friend Alyssa from Somewhere Between Vogue & Van Gogh, and we were able to sit front row at the Untamed fashion show this previous weekend!  It was so incredible sitting in the same row as all of the designers, and it was a truly spectacular show!  The fashion show was hosted by KCAD Bodies of Art (BOA), and the designers were college students!  Being a fellow college student, I understand how hard it is to juggle classes, extra curriculars, and having a social life!  The work these college students were able to do is remarkable, and I am in complete awe of their talent!  It was incredible, and 50% of the proceeds were donated to Paws With a Cause which was absolutely amazing!

Throughout the fashion show, there were a lot of neutral colors and patterns integrated through the designs.  Earth tones were a huge hit, and there were also some subtle patterns in a few of the pieces!  I absolutely loved how the collections ranged from high fashion to athleisure, and how each designer had a unique idea to tie in the “untamed” vibe.  The fashion show was animal themed, so each designer was inspired by something different: like sea-life, birds, wild cats, and forest animals!   One of the designers even incorporated serenity blue into her design, which is perfect since it’s the color of the year!  These designs really tied in with the current trends that a lot of us wear every day, as well as the current trends seen in NYFW!  I absolutely loved the athleisure line, because athleisure is incredibly cute while being professional.  And the bold statement of the jacket that said “Fashion in a Food Chain” was incredibly unique and high fashion!

This was an absolutely unforgettable experience, and I was amazed by the talent of each and every designer!  I also loved being able to share this experience with my best friend, and do a fun collaboration! Check out her blog Somewhere Between Vogue & Van Gogh for exclusive interviews, insider details, and her take on the fashion show!  Also, check out some more awesome pictures of the show here!  I hope you enjoyed this post, and I can’t wait to share more with you!  I’ll talk to you very soon!

xo, Tessa

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  1. Sherri Squire
    March 24, 2016 / 5:36 am

    I just love how you two are helping each other and both of you are great writers and yet have a bit different style of writing glad you two are friends xoxo alyssa mom